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Mobile Filtration Service

Wipeout provides an efficient, professional and highly convenient fryer cleaning and oil filtration service. The filtration service is suitable for all establishments and there are huge benefits to your business.

Our experienced service technicians will visit your premises on a regular basis to use our mobile filtration machine to extract the hot dirty oil from the fryer and filter it.  The fryer will then be cleaned thoroughly before the filtered oil is returned. When your old oil is no longer usable we also offer the convenience of replacing it and disposing of your old oil.

  • Keeping your oil clean will dramatically increase the life of your oil which can reduce cost by up to 60%.
  • Keeping your oil clean can lead to a great improvement in taste and presentation of your food.
  • A clean fryer is more efficient and reduces energy costs

Putting this job into the hands of professionals will make you compliant with very stringent Health and Safety requirements as your staff will no longer need to handle hot oil or touch very hot equipment.

Free up staff time as the staff who normally empty and clean the fryers can be employed elsewhere.

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01794 885964 or 07963 715592

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