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Filter Servicing

Canopy Grease Filter, Cleaning And Exchange Service.

Canopy grease filters can be notoriously difficult to clean. If you operate a busy kitchen putting them through the dishwasher or leaving them overnight in a chemical solution will not be enough. Over time they will fill up with grease and reduce your extraction air flow producing a hot, smoky working environment and potential fire hazard.

Wipeout Central offers a professional and reliable solution.  We will clean the canopy and filters thoroughly to remove all grease and fat deposits and sanitise them to remove all trace of bacteria. The filters will be removed and replaced with clean filters.  The filters will then need to be replaced between weekly and monthly depending on the level of usage.


Filter guide:

  • Light use (up to 6 hours a day) will usually need replacing monthly
  • Moderate use (6-12 hours a day) will usually need replacing fortnightly
  • Heavy use (over 12 hours a day) will usually need replacing weekly

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